S2E2: Strategic Content Creation and Marketing with Blaine Hostetler and Samantha Martin

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Welcome back to the show! Today we are joined by Blaine Hostetler from Pit Viper and Samantha Martin from USANA Health Sciences. Both of our guests are content creators and…

S2E1: A Roundtable Conversation With the Partners of Penna Powers

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Welcome back to Season Two everybody! To kick things off, today we have a big roundtable discussion with the partners of Penna Powers! We are joined by Mike Brian, Dave…

S1E5: Understanding Brand Strategy and Living Up to the Measure of Your Creation with Lindee Nance

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On this week’s episode, we chat with Lindee Nance. Lindee is the Vice President of Marketing and Advertising for Harmons Grocery where she collaborates across operational teams to craft a…
Chris and Stephanie Podcast

S1E4: A Committed Passion for Advertising and Growing in a Team with Stephanie Miller & Christine Menges

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Christine Menges and Stephanie Miller have a wealth of experience working in advertising and have worked at renowned ad-house Penna Powers for almost their whole careers. We chat with these…

S1E3: Continuing to Do Good and Engaging the Public in the Conversation of Conservation with Utah Open Lands

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On the show this week, we speak with Wendy Fisher and Marie Lenihan-Clarke, the Executive Director and Outreach Director for Utah Open Lands. Open Lands is Utah’s statewide non-profit land…

S1E2: Developing Media and Staying Inspired with Marc Stryker

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Today we host Marc Stryker, who is the VP of Channel and Content Management at Penna Powers. We have a very interesting and insightful conversation with Marc in store for…

S1E1: Influencing the World of Media Through Responsible Journalism with Amanda Dickson

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Amanda Dickson is one of the cohosts of Utah’s Morning News on KSL News Radio, and has been part of the KSL family for 22 years. Amanda also hosts an…