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The primary goal of our creative is to change behavior. But if it wins some awards along the way, that’s nice too. It means that other professionals in our industry recognize that we’ve created something special. Here’s a sampling of the awards our creative has received over just the past two years.

American Ad Awards (Addys) Utah Chapter

Utah DPS: “Death” – Integrated Media Public Service Campaign – Silver
Utah DPS: “Death” – Public Service Online/Interactive Campaign – Silver
Zero Fatalities: “Destinations” – Integrated Media Public Service Campaign – Gold
Zero Fatalities: “Destinations” – Public Service Online Film, Video & Sound – Gold
Zero Fatalities: “Destinations” – Public Service Out-Of-Home Campaign – Silver
Zero Fatalities: “Destinations” – Specialty Advertising – Other Merchandise – Silver
Ivory Green: “High Five” – Integrated Advertising Campaign – Local – Consumer – Silver
Ivory Green: “High Five” – Computer Generated Imagery (CGI) – Silver
UCAIR: “Live to Breathe” – Integrated Branded Content Campaign – Silver
UCAIR: “Live to Breathe” – Public Service Television – Silver
DWS: “Out the Door” – Social Media, Campaign – Silver

American Ad Awards (Addys)

National – Slow the Flow – “Water is Life” – Gold
Regional – UHSO “Pedestrian Myths” – Silver
Regional – Zero Fatalities “Lies” – Gold

American Ad Awards (Addys) Utah Chapter

UHSO – Buckle Face – Judge’s Choice Award
UHSO – Buckle Face – Silver – Public Service Campaign
UHSO – Every Sip – Silver – Social Media
UHSO – Pedestrian Myths – Gold – Social Media
Zero Fatalities – Summer Safely – Silver – Integrated Campaigns
Zero Fatalities – Summer Safely – Silver – Outdoor
Zero Fatalities – Lies – Silver – Integrated Campaigns
Zero Fatalities – Lies – Silver – Internet Commercials
Zero Fatalities – Lies – Gold – Social Media
Zero Fatalities – Bulleted Lies – Silver – Local TV :30
Zero Fatalities – Bulleted Lies – Silver – Internet Commercials
Zero Fatalities – Bulleted Lies – Gold – Social Media
Zero Fatalities – I’m not driving – Silver – Internet Commercials
Zero Fatalities – Signs & Signals – Gold
TravelWise – We Time – Silver – Corporate Social Responsibility
DWS – Going Places – Silver – Social Media
COVID – Ambulance – Silver – Public Service Campaign
COVID – Thank You – Silver – Public Service Campaign

Video PSAs

Buckle Faces

I’m Not Driving

Fake Smile. Real Pain.

Social Media

Safe Routes Reel (Instagram @saferoutesutah)

Meet Whitney and her husband Justin. Whitney is a crossing guard, mom and wife. Justin is asking for your help to keep her and kids safe on the roads.

#utah #utahmom #utahschools #saferoutes #crossingguard #UDOT #safeut #safedrivers

Zero Fatalities Reel partnership with Bike Utah

Be safe, be seen! To maximize your safety on a bike ride, you need to be visible. Our friends at @iBikeUtah are here to share some tips on the best reflective gear to have in your bike kit.

#ZeroFatalities #BacktoBasics #BikeSafety #DriveSafe #UDOT #ReflectiveGear #BikeUtah

Zero Fatalities gif (Instagram @zerofatalities)

Whether justice is on your side or not, there’s no room for vengeance on the road. Get back to the basics of driving safe.

Website Design

Zero Fatalities (

Ride to Live (


Grades 4-6 Safe Routes Activity Book

UDOT Winter Driving Brochure

Teen Memoriam

ODOT Spanish

Outdoor Advertising

Zero Fatalities Summer Safely


Special Events / Media Events

Zero Fatalities Safety Summit

Since the first Safety Summit in 2008, Penna Powers has enthusiastically played an integral role in planning, promoting and executing the Zero Fatalities Safety Summit. From the beginning, we wanted this Summit to be the result of collaboration. To that end, and together with a strong Executive Planning Committee and Working Group Committee composed of UDOT, DPS, UHP, EMS and UDOH safety advocates, the most recent Safety Summit marked another success.

By involving Zero Fatalities partners to participate in the summit’s planning and execution, the end result was filled with impactful, relevant information for our varied audience of safety advocates. The Zero Fatalities Safety Summit is a key tool in (1) unifying safety advocates from across the state (2) fostering discussion about key safety issues (3) finding meaningful solutions. We strongly believe that our cumulative efforts at the summit to educate and unify attendees saves lives on our roads.

This year’s Safety Summit particularly showcased our team’s adaptability and quick thinking. When faced with the unexpected cancellation of a keynote speaker on the eve of the presentation, our experts seamlessly took charge, captivating the audience with an orchestrated presentation. We showcased a comprehensive overview of the ongoing outreach initiatives and left a lasting impact on the attendees and as proactive and resourceful leaders in the field. Additional efforts towards an exceptional execution of this event encompassed creative elements, from meticulously designed signage and banners to streamlined check-in procedures. We thrived in the face of adjustments, ensuring real-time updates were seamlessly integrated into the attendee experience. A well-choreographed awards luncheon, dynamic workshops and helpful networking opportunities harnessed positive feedback results.

Results From The Most Recent (2023) Safety Summit

  • 1,800 evaluations completed
  • 98% of respondents loved the registration process (82% of those rated the process as “excellent”)
  • 98% liked the materials that were provided
  • 89% plan to attend the Summit again
  • 100% would recommend the Summit to others
  • 97% thought the Summit was well organized

100 Deadliest Days: Jordin Petersen Seamons

Penna Powers has played a key role in the creation, distribution, promotion and implementation of various summer campaigns during the 100 Deadliest Days of summer. With traffic fatalities at a record pace, a press conference was held to kick off the beginning of the 100 Deadliest Days of summer. Speakers issued a plea to Utahns today to drive safely.

Jordin Petersen Seamons, a particularly impactful speaker, shared the heart-wrenching account of her husband’s tragic death in a crash caused by a drowsy driver. The visually and emotionally compelling press conference drew an impressive turnout of media, and leveraging an integrated approach, we disseminated her message across social platforms ahead of the launch to garner attention and invite followers to tune in. We produced a polished video with her and her young daughter to share online, orchestrated a live stream of the event and coordinated in-studio interviews later that day and week to keep the momentum going. Jordin spoke to the media, pleading with the public to think about the social contract you enter when getting behind the wheel.

Visuals included a table of her late husband’s memorabilia from the crash and his life. Photos of her grieving at the funeral caught the eye of everyone, stirring a profound emotional connection and desire to think and change. These displays were accompanied by creative campaign materials and startling up-to-date statistics to also draw discussion. Media toolkits included all of these elements and were available in-person and digitally to the media.The success of this event was rooted in connections to crash survivors, strong relationships with media who know they will get desired and relevant information when they attend, and a team willing and ready to strategically create and execute all the needed materials for a powerful event.