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Speaker's Workshops

Live or Virtual

Penna Powers’ professional development workshops are designed to help increase the effectiveness of your team. Our trained presentation professionals are here to help your team develop skills to become better presenters, leaders, storytellers and influencers, just to name a few. Below is an overview of the workshops we offer, each 3-4 hours and customizable depending on your needs. To get more information and request a booking, please fill out the form below.

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Mike Brian

Partner, Speaker, Presenter Pioneer

Mike Brian began his presentation career in 1990 using an overhead projector and 35mm slides. His passion for presenting drove him to become an innovator on the stage. His expertise in strategically planning, designing and delivering powerful multimedia presentations has helped hundreds of companies and thousands of executives develop impactful presentation skills.

Brent Wilhite

New Business Director

We're curious by nature. We like to figure out what's wrong with the way you've been doing things; why you aren't seeing the results you expect and what's the core problem. Then we attack it with precision and ferocity.

Presenter Skills Development

Presentation skills are the most overlooked and underdeveloped skills in corporate America today. People get promoted and soon find themselves needing more training for presentations and public speaking. This program offers participants the primary skills and techniques that will quickly make them better presenters and have more impact in their career. Each participant will receive a workbook to help them organize their thoughts and document new insights and techniques.

The live or virtual workshop is designed as a discovery activity, but participants will not be required to role-play or speak in the session. They will learn strategies and techniques that will help them improve their presentation skills. Each participant is at a different presentation skill level. The format of this workshop will help everyone gain insights, ideas and techniques they can use at their current level and in their future.


Learn how to navigate the causes of presentation stress and overcome your anxieties. Turn your fears into fuel.


Learn how to plan presentations with powerful information and persuasive emotion. Get introduced to a proprietary planning tool – the presentation Cadence Chart.


Learn how to connect with your audience via alignment tools and strategic storytelling.

Cadence and Planning

Planning a presentation is the most important step to becoming a great presenter. In this workshop, participants get beyond the outdated methods of developing a presentation. Participants will learn how to use the presentation Cadence Chart, a proprietary planning tool developed by Mike Brian, the CEO of Penna Powers and a professional speaker and communications expert. The presentation Cadence is designed to combine information with emotion to deliver a deeper and more meaningful connection with the audience.

This live or virtual workshop comes with a participant manual and includes hands-on experience using Dynamic Outlines and template Cadence Charts. Participants will leave with a new understanding and respect for the planning process by creating impactful and effective presentations and using valuable tools to assist them.

Key Objectives

Learn how to identify key objectives that the presentation is intended to reach.

Dynamic Outline

Learn how to use a Dynamic Outline for quick presentations to organize thoughts with emotional objectives.

Cadence Charting

Learn how to use the presentation Cadence Chart – a revolutionary planning tool that combines information with emotion for a deeper connection with the audience.

Connect with Storytelling

Distributing information is often considered the objective of presenting. However, in most cases, the true objective is to connect with the audience so that they will believe and accept the information presented.

Stories are an effective tool to enhance communication in any presentation. In this workshop, participants will learn how to identify, document and develop stories in our Story Grid and Story Cadence. Well-told stories are powerful for connecting with everyone at the heart-level.

Each participant will receive a worksheet to document new strategies and techniques that will help them tune their storytelling lens and cultivate their stories into powerful communication tools, ultimately connecting their audience with their message at a deeper more meaningful level.

Powerful Storytelling

Learn about scientific research that proves how and why stories are so impactful.

Story Grid

Learn how to develop a Story Grid used to identify and document elements that make impactful stories.

Story Cadence

Learn how to use the story Cadence Chart—a revolutionary planning tool that makes cultivating an impactful story quick and easy.

Pitching Cage Event

After a presentation, most people ask their friends, associates or employees this question, “So, how did I do?” In almost every case, the answer is something like this: “Oh man, you were awesome.” Or, “I couldn’t have done better myself.” Or, “Great, I especially liked the cat scare video, that was awesome.” Most of the time these are comments that can’t and won’t make you a better presenter.

The Pitching Cage is a streamlined presentation event where participants plan and develop a 10-slide, five-minute presentation on a subject about which they are passionate. Their presentation is filmed. Afterward, one of our presentation coaches will provide them with a one-on-one consultation that includes personalized feedback and a custom plan for improvement.

This feedback will help presenters refine their skills and build on new techniques that will help make them more impactful and effective presenters.

Live Presenting

Participants develop and present their own material in front of their peers, a trained presentation coach and a video camera.

Video Resource

Each participant will receive a copy of their video during their one-on-one coaching session for further, personal evaluation.

Professional Feedback

Participants receive a one-on-one coaching session with a feedback document containing tips and strategies for improvement.

Cultivating a Leader’s Brand

Personal Branding has become a buzzword in today’s business world. Actually defining a personal brand becomes ambiguous and vague. This workshop follows a strategic branding process used by a professional marketing, advertising and branding agency for over 35 years.

Each participant will get a strategic planning worksheet to organize their thoughts and ideas that will help them discover the key elements of a powerful leader’s brand.

The live or virtual workshop helps leaders and executives understand what a leader’s brand is and the process of identifying and defining their own impactful brand. Learn how to strategically plan and manage your brand, enabling you to become a more effective and motivating leader.

Identifying Your Brand

Participants learn how to define their current brand/reputation and objectively look at how it impacts their ability to lead.

Strategic Plan

Each participant will receive a planning worksheet to map out their plan to develop and maintain their brand.


Learn how your brand will increase your value by cultivating trust and equity. Learn how this new mindset will bleed-over and impact your personal life.

The Influencer Equation

An influencer is a person who has the ability to form and change another’s opinion or behavior. Influencers have an unmatched power to impact people who would ordinarily be unaffected by typical communication tools and strategies.

We have learned over decades of work and research that becoming a professional influencer is a powerful leadership skill that builds brand equity. It goes far beyond being popular or loud. A true influencer exemplifies trust, respect, admiration, value and a meaningful relationship.

This equation will help leaders and executives recognize the power of their influence and give them strategic tools to grow and cultivate influence with those they lead.

Identify the Elements of Influence

Learn what the elements of the influence equation are and how they impact the outcome.

Define Your Own Equation

Each participant will receive a worksheet designed to help formulate their own equation.

Mobilizing Your Influence

Learn how to spread and empower your influence with others. Identify targets and opportunities where your influence can impact others for good.

Penna Powers offers companies, organizations and government agencies a complete solution for presentations:

Strategic planning

Package and offer presentation strategic planning services which include:

  • Audience evaluation
  • Content review/ development
  • Cadence charting
  • Asset pallet identification

Design and Production

Package and offer design, multi-media production and deck development.

  • Using cadence charting, produce storyboards for the presentation
  • Produce graphics, video, animations and other multi-media elements
  • Assemble and animate the presentation in the clients choice tool

Coaching and Training

Work with companies to enhance their communication capabilities

  • Team Boot Camp
  • Presentation workshops
  • Executive one-on-one coaching

Events and Corporate Meetings

Keynote presentations (live or virtual) designed to educate and motivate leaders on presenting and developing their leader’s brand:

  • Conferences
  • Breakout sessions
  • Team building events
  • Professional development lectures
  • Annual meetings
  • Association events

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