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Zero Fatalities RFP - Special Events

The Zero Fatalities Safety Summit is a prime example of how Penna Powers successfully plans, organizes and executes large-scale events for UDOT and DPS. The Zero Fatalities Safety Summit began in 2007 as a place for safety advocates across the state to share experiences, opportunities and successes in improving safety in our communities.

For 13 years, Penna Powers worked alongside UDOT and DPS to grow the summit into what it is today: one of the greatest statewide safety summits in the nation.

Planning And Organization

For the Zero Fatalities Safety Summits, Stacy Allen has played various roles including lead contact and event coordinator from Penna Powers for 10 years. She is experienced in working alongside UDOT and DPS to host a professional summit—but she didn’t do it alone. She worked closely with an executive committee of point people from each state organization invested in the Summit’s success. Penna Powers also worked with subcommittees called Working Groups to help identify valuable resources from across the state and nation.

Event Evaluations

Penna Powers built and distributed evaluations at the very first Safety Summit in 2007 and continued evaluations at every Summit. The evaluations are now digital, making it easier for attendees to provide feedback. We also obtained and distributed prizes throughout the Summit to further motivate attendees to complete evaluations.

Results From The Most Recent (2018) Safety Summit

  • 1,800 evaluations completed
  • 98% of respondents loved the registration process (82% of those rated the process as “excellent”)
  • 98% liked the materials that were provided
  • 89% plan to attend the Summit again
  • 100% would recommend the Summit to others
  • 97% thought the Summit was well organized
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