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Zero Fatalities RFP - TV and Theater PSAs

Slow the Flow “Anthem” PSA

Utah Department of Natural Resources, Division of Water Resources

Penna Powers created this PSA showing the important and transformational role that water plays in our lives. We wanted our target audience to think differently about the value of water in an effort to drive them to learn more about how they can use water in a thoughtful way.


Conservation messaging had been particularly challenging in years that were not impacted by drought conditions. The cost of water continues to climb, whether strong water conservation measures are employed or new water supply sources are developed. This could not be relied upon as the only reason
 for behavior change.

Target Audience:

  • SAINTS: People who are already practicing conservation and care about the environment.
  • SAVEABLES: People willing to make and be part of the change, whether on their own or by regulation/law. Utah Eco-Friendly Adults (18-49)

Strategic goals:

  • Create a long-term shift in values and thoughtful behavior toward water.
  • Help people understand the value of water and create stewardship that will result in efficient and mindful use.


Penna Powers shot the PSA using 15 different actors in seven different locations across the state to demonstrate urban and rural Utah.

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