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Push Boundaries. Leverage Technology. Embrace Trends.

We are problem solvers

We believe great brands are built on two-way conversations. For over 30 years, this collaborative approach has been vital to success in everything we do, be it advertising, public relations, digital marketing, content creation, traditional media, social media or public involvement. Exemplary communication guides all interactions with our clients, our audiences and our team.

The one thing we’ve reinforced over and over again through the years is that we aren’t an awards-driven agency. It’s not that we don’t win awards—we’ve won plenty and have appreciated the recognition, but the real reward is successful client relationships with effective results.


David Smith

Partner / Chief Financial Officer

What I love about Penna Powers is the people, the passion, the product, the creativity, the professionalism, the talent and the results. We’re truly committed to our industry, our jobs and our clients.

Justin Smart

Partner / Chief Strategy Officer

Our mission statement sums up what I love about Penna Powers: We Move People. Working with our clients to nudge the world in a positive direction is both exciting and fulfilling. Together we’re making a difference.

Erico Bisquera

Partner / Chief Creative Officer

At Penna Powers, we create work that stands out. That cuts through the clutter and grabs the viewers attention.

Traci Houghton

VP Finance and Operations

I love seeing all of the smart people at Penna Powers have fun and work together to help our clients be successful. I also really get a kick out of seeing friendships and camaraderie between employees develop and grow. We really have a great culture here which enhances our work with each other and clients.

Stephanie Miller

VP Account Planning and Management

The moment you finish presenting a campaign plan, the clients’ enthusiasm is electric and they say, “I love it! It’s bold, it’s smart, I can’t wait to get started.” That is why we do what we do. It’s the Penna Powers way.

Christine Menges

VP Project Management

Sure you’ll get creative and a media buy with another ad agency but with Penna Powers you get well thought-out strategic campaigns, a team that truly cares about your organization’s success, listens to your input and is genuinely honest. We all love what we do and you can feel that when you walk in the door.

Marc Stryker

VP Channel and Content Management

When you meet with our team at Penna Powers, you may not figure out who does what, and that's by design. I love how we tackle a client's problems holistically, no matter the tools or disciplines that will be needed to get the job done. We speak a language that is all about solutions, not acronyms.

Brent Wilhite

New Business Director

We're curious by nature. We like to figure out what's wrong with the way you've been doing things; why you aren't seeing the results you expect and what's the core problem. Then we attack it with precision and ferocity.

Wendy Hansen

Content & Social Media Director

When you truly understand an audience's hopes and desires, you start to understand how to influence their behaviors.

Kenny Hammond

Creative Director

Penna Powers tackles each project understanding that great campaigns are not limited to the biggest brands with the biggest budgets. Any brand, organization or cause can generate work that is engaging, thought-provoking and relevant.