Dear Friends and Colleagues

The communication industry continues to evolve, and Penna Powers is committed to evolving with it. As you’ve probably heard, December 31, 2022 marked the end of an era with long-time partner, friend, tech guru and all-around great guy, Mike Brian, retiring as Partner and CEO of Penna Powers.

Over the past 20 years at the agency, Mike led clients through the constantly changing digital landscape and navigated the treacherous waters of the web. His contributions to our clients, our office culture and our work are immeasurable. We wish him all the best in his future adventures off the clock and on the golf course.

In his 30th year of service at the agency, Dave Smith, Agency Partner/President has been appointed CEO of Penna Powers. Dave has helped Penna Powers and our clients evolve and adapt to new and challenging dynamics over three decades. His vision of integrating new strategies, tools and capabilities into our wheelhouse has fueled our clients’ success and positioned the agency for continued future growth.

Agency Partners, Erico Bisquera and Justin Smart, will continue their respective roles of Chief Creative Officer and Chief Strategy Officer. Together, the three Partners – along with the agency’s leadership team and employees – are committed to results-driven, strategic work that makes a difference in our communities.

We remain grateful for the people we’re able to work with and for the things we’ve accomplished together. Here’s to continued success.

Your friends at Penna Powers

Dave Smith, CEO

Dave Smith, CEO

Erico Bisquera, CCO

Justin Smart, CSO